Where to buy original Murano Glass in Venice

Where to buy original Murano Glass in Venice

Murano Glass: a story of traditions

Glass has been produced in Murano since 13th century. The story of Murano glass is a story of effort, passion and tradition: ever since then, glass masters have been dedicating their lives to improve blown glass-making techniques and to create new objects that are real pieces of art.

Nowadays, Murano glass is still famous and loved all over the world and it surely represents one of the best gifts to bring home after a trip to Venice. But where should we buy Murano glass to be sure it’s original?

Real or Fake: Murano Glass in Venice

Venice shops are full of imitations, especially when talking about Murano glass. But why do people buy fake Murano glass instead of original Murano glass? The answer to this question it’s easier than it looks: people don’t know.

That’s because people usually cannot recognize original Murano glass especially if they are tourists, and are tricked into buying fake Murano glass without even knowing.

But there is a solution.

Murano Glass Trademark of Origin

The solution I’ve just mentioned is the Murano Glass Trademark of origin, which was created in 1994. It’s a small adhesive label that has an extremely important meaning: it means that the Italian law certifies that that object was produced in Murano following traditional techniques and respecting blown glass art.

Murano Glass in Venice: where to buy it

So, let’s try to answer to our first question: where should we buy Murano glass to be sure it’s original?

Shops that sell glass are all over Venice, from the crowded city center to the most narrow streets and, now that we know how to recognize the Trademark of Origin, finding original Murano glass it will be quite easy: just remember to always look for the label!

A good alternative is YourMurano site: it ships products guaranteed by the Trademark of Origin all over the world.


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