The Municipal District of Villaga is located about 30 km south of Vicenza, in the south / east side of the Berici Hills. It has about 1,914 inhabitants. Fractions are Belvedere, Pozzolo and Toara villages.

The Town Hall is located in Via G. Verdi, 32, 36021 Villaga – Phone number: 044.488.6037.

Villaga organizes annually two Food Festivals dedicated to the two local acclaimed products: the “Ranpussolo di Villaga” delicious rampion herb, and the “Bisi di Pozzolo” special peas.

Every two years on the historic caves facing the town of Villaga it’s realized a huge live nativity scene with 150 figures and ten sacred stages that are renewed in each edition.

Postal code: 36021
Dialing code: 0444
Demonym(s) or Inhabitants name: villaghesi
Patron saint: St. Michael the Archangel
Saint day: 29 September (Public Holiday just for the Municipality area)



Villaga was originally called by the Latin term viraga, already present in the Regesto or Summary of 1262. Viraga probably comes from viridum, green in Latin, referring to the green valley where there the village is located, at the foot of the Berici Hills.

The origins of Villaga appear linked to the Lombard period.

The territory of Villaga also includes the significant presence of knightly orders such as the Templars and the Knights of Malta. They founded two hospices to the rescue of pilgrims passing through the Riviera Berica road, intended to embark in Venice to reach the Holy Land or to go to Rome through the Via Romea.


Villaga area offers scenic resources of great prestige and charm characterized by almost untouched nature, full of fascinating views to admire. It is a land rich in resources; sand quarries, forests, vines and olive trees. The abundance of water from the rivers and numerous springs has turned the flat land into cultivated fields and pastures and encouraged local productions.

Visiting this country and hilly areas it is still easy nowadays to find antique fountains (used to draw water for drinking, to water the animals and also wash clothes), wells (in order to provide water for the needs of agriculture and mainly to water farm animals), and water mills (the majority were located in the Valle di Calto Valley, in this place you can still enjoy the atmosphere of an untouched place intimately linked to the use of water through the centuries).

Historic palaces and Villas of the landowners or nobles help to make this area one of the most beautiful places in the Berici hills where architecture fits perfectly with the landscape.

On the hills between Barbarano Vicentino and Villaga even today there are traces of the Great War.

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Many Italian towns and small cities have a Pro Loco, a civic membership association of volunteers that works with schools, local businesses and institutions in order to project ways to enhance the town and provide assistance to visitors. To achieve this they also organize various types of events.

Pro Loco Villaga:


Garbage collection

Selective waste collection:
Regulations and schedule of the home collection on this document (.pdf – just Italian)

Bulky Waste Collection:
The closer Ecocentro or garbage dump is located in: Viale del Lavoro, Ponte di Barbarano. Open on Saturdays 1PM – 6PM.

There’s also a paid service for home bulky waste collection that won’t fit in your bin.
Green number: 800.188.777

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