The Municipal District of Nove is located about 20 km north of Vicenza. It has about 4.900 inhabitants.

The Town Hall is located in Piazza G. De Fabris 4, Nove – Phone number: 042.459.7550

Postal code: 36055
Dialing code: 0424
Demonym(s) or Inhabitants name: novesi
Patron Saint: Saints Peter and Paul
Saint Day: 29 June (Public Holiday just for the Municipality area)



Ceramics Town Museum

Museo Civico della Ceramica
The Ceramics Town Museum, much loved and very popular with Nove’s people, illustrates a large variety of styles, decorations and materials used for ceramics production in Nove, Bassano and the whole Vicenza area from the XVII century up to these days. The well balanced division into time periods grants a varied view of the old production as a whole, together with the work of distinguished living artists. On display are also items from celebrated workshops in Venice, Treviso, Este, other Italian regions (Tuscany, Lombardy, Trentino, Liguria) and abroad (Germany, France, the Netherlands). One of the most prestigious work on display is Vaso con Figure Femminili (Vase with Female Figures) by Pablo Picasso, dated 1950.

Piazza G. De Fabris 5, Nove
Phone: 042.459.7550 e-mail: [email protected]

The Ceramic Festival

The second week-end of September is dedicated to The Ceramic Festival – Portoni Aperti. On 2017 the 20th edition, has a rich program of art and handicraft, events, exhibitions, music, good food is waiting for you along the streets, in the laboratories, in the ancient “portoni” of our territory of ancient ceramics tradition.

It is a rich agenda that can accompany you over centuries of history and look to the future through youngest people’s creations, among more than sixty exhibitors from Italy and the world.

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