Official online Phone Directory

For the Vicenza Military Community (VMC)

Central Processing: 0444-61-7130/7131/7142/7143

Passport Office: 0444-61-7135/7136

Soggiorno Office: 0444-61-7137/7138/7139

Army Community Services:

  • Caserma Ederle: 0444-71-7500
  • Caserma Del Din: 0444-61-2725

Housing Reception: 0444-61-7626/7950/7951

Vehicle Processing Center: 0444-71-7760

Vehicle Registration: 0444-61-7820/7821/7823

School Liaison Office: 0444-71-5998

Check these and more infos on the latest Italy PCS guide (.pdf) 

Send a message if you notice outdated info