The Municipal District of Torri di Quartesolo is located just 6 km south-east of Vicenza. It has about 11.000 inhabitants. Fractions or frazioni are Lerino and Marola towns.

The Town Hall is located in Via Roma 174, 36040 Torri di Quartesolo – Phone number: 044.425.0211

Postal code: 36040
Dialing code: 0444
Demonym(s) or Inhabitants name: quartesolani
Patron Saint: Saints Gervasius and Protasius
Saint Day: 19 June (Public Holiday just for the Municipality area)

 Le Piramidi Mall (soon)



The symbol of Torri shows a wooden tower, which was realized to protect the bridge on the river Tesina. The tower was destroyed in 1313.  Torri di Quartesolo’s name comes from Latin word Quartixolum which means the fourth mile from the city hall of Vicenza. In the nineteenth century, Torri was united with Marola and Lerino towns, after Napoleonic pillages. Lerino and Marola are smaller than Torri.

Marola is famous for Blessed Eurosia Fabris Barban and the place where she is buried. She was born on 27th September 1866. During her life, she did many miracles. Through her prayers and devotion she helped many women to have a child. She died in 1932 and  she was buried in the church of Marola. She was beatified by Benedetto XVI in 2005. All people remember her like “Mamma Rosa”, for her miracles.


The food specialties of this territory are the local wines, the sausage meat, the traditional bread and the white asparagus (just on April – May).

Every product is controlled by the Region. Thanks to these products you can also get in contact with the local farms / companies of Torri di Quartesolo.


Villa Da Porto, was realized by an anonymous architect in 1570. In this Villa there are a lot of typical Palladian characteristics. Villa Da Porto Slaviero is located at Torri di Quartesolo town center.

Villa Da Porto Rigon stands on the right bank of river Tesina and dates back to the late sixteenth century. It was remodeled, as we see it today, in 1680.

PIAR – Percorso Media Pianura Vicentina
If you like to run, walk or cycling through nature and typical territories, you have to know the PIAR – Percorso Media Pianura Vicentina45 Km cycle / pedestrian ring route, a recent project which was realized by the collaboration of Torri di Quartesolo, Grumolo delle Abbadesse and Quinto Vicentino municipalities. While enjoying the path it’s possible to admire and visit important villas, like Villa Da Porto Slaviero, Villa Tacchi, and appreciate the local natural beauties.


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