A Restaurant Guide to Costabissara

A Restaurant Guide to Costabissara

After living in Costabissara, Vicenza Italy for the past year, I know most of the restaurants in our town pretty well. I like to think that we have one of the best varieties of cuisine and I’m actually quite impressed with the diversity that our small community on the outskirts of downtown Vicenza has. We have everything from a Mexican restaurant to an American style street bar… on top of many fine Italian restaurants. Sometimes you just need a break from all the pasta, wine & bread (shock) and you want something that reminds you of home. If only we had a Chick-fil-A…but these places do a pretty good job of providing some great “American” style food that will leave your belly full and heart happy!

To help those moving to Costabissara, those that currently live here, or just anyone wanting to get out and try something new, I’ve put together a list of all the restaurants that I have personally tried and recommend, some of my favorite dishes, and information on hours and other helpful tips! I hope you enjoy and please keep in mind these are my personal opinions so if you don’t favor the restaurant, it’s totally okay! Cheers!

Restaurant Guide to Costabissara Vicenza

Summertime dining at Trattoria Ambrosini


Trattoria Ambrosini

No Italian place I’ve been to compares to the friendliness and consistency of Trattoria Ambrosini. I love being a “local” in our town, even if we’ve only been here a year. Trattoria Ambrosini is somewhere that we go for special occasions and when we have guests. I have taken my mom and my best friend here when they visited Italy, on separate occasions. It’s one of the best ways to showcase typical Italian style dinners. Their numerous gluten free options allow me to order basically anything off the menu. They have seasonal menus so I never feel like we get the same thing, and their cuts of meat are always top notch. We’ve found that the waitress who speaks English usually works Friday and Saturday nights, but they will give you a menu in English any day! Reservations are not usually needed if you get there right at opening. It’s located behind Hong Kong 2 and technically in Vicenza, but within walking distance of Costabissara and easily reachable by the walking/biking path.

You can read more about Trattoria Ambrosini here and reserve by email: [email protected]

Address: Str. S. Giovanni, 31h, 36100 Vicenza VI


  • Tuesday – Friday 1200 – 1500, 1900 – 2300
  • Saturday 1900 – 2300
  • Sunday 1200 – 1600

Locanda Benetti

Doubling as a hotel, Locanda Benetti is located right in town. They speak good English, but the menu is in Italian. With two courses and a bottle of wine for two people, you can usually leave with a bill under 80€! The inside is very beautiful and I enjoyed trying their foods – the meats, gnocchi, and ravioli were scrumptious. Most of the items on their menu are homemade.

Address: Via Roma, 62, 36030 Costabissara VI

Hours: Thursday – Tuesday 1230 – 1530, 1930 – 0100

Le Fornaci da Lello

Our neighborhood Pizzeria is friendly and one that we frequently visit, especially just to grab an aperitif. They have pizzas to take away and they’re very reasonably priced. You can get a good sized pizza starting at 5€. I enjoy sitting and watching them make it while drinking an Aperol Spritz and munching on bar chips. They love dogs and are friendly with the locals. They only take cash!

Address: Via Fornace, 19, 36030 Costabissara VI


  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesday – Friday 0930 – 1430, 1730 – 0000
  • Saturday 1730 – 0000
  • Sunday 0930 – 1430, 1730 – 0000

Trattoria Lovise

Trattoria Lovise is down-home cooking in a 19th-century inn. Their food is delicious but note that their menu is in all Italian and they speak little to no English. You will, without a doubt, experience a delicious meal here nonetheless. It’s a romantic place and a great dinner spot!

Address: Via G. Marconi, 22, 36030 Costabissara VI

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 1200 – 2300

Burgers, Steaks, & American-ized Bars

Mama L’oca Street Bar

If you want the best burgers, pulled pork, or cheese fries, I suggest Mama L’oca’s. The inside is decorated with Rock memorabilia and they have concerts most weekends. It’s a street bar with a biker bar feel. I’m not a biker but love going here! They open at “American” time so it’s nice to not have to wait so long for dinner! I recommend their cocktails, especially Gin Tonics and Moscow Mules. They make ’em strong!

Address: Strada Provinciale 46 del Pasubio, 421/e, 36100 Vicenza VI


  • Tuesday – Saturday 1700 – 0200
  • Sunday 1700 – 0000


German Food

Birreria N. 1

The best thing you’ll get to a Biergarten right here in Costabissara! They have nice indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for the summer or winter, and delicious typical German style plates – my favorite is the würstel with polenta and sauerkraut. They also have other things like sandwiches, pasta, salads, and burgers. I love their beer, and they have GF options! There’s plenty of room for parking right outside the restaurant and during the summer they have a blow up slide and playground for the kids!

Address: Strada del Pasubio, 498, 36100 Vicenza VI


  • Monday 1800 – 0100
  • Tuesday CLOSED
  • Wednesday & Thursday 1800 – 0100
  • Friday & Saturday 1800 – 0200
  • Sunday 1800 – 0000


Tacos & Amigos

We’ve been to Tacos & Amigos so many times that the owner knows our order basically by heart. They are a sweet couple; he’s from California and she’s Italian. They work well together and it feels like we’re back in America when we walk into the restaurant and are greeted by their friendly smiles. They make the best margaritas I’ve had in Italy and I always get my Mexican fill when I’m there. For those from California, be sure to try the California Burrito. They have everything from tostadas to nachos and enchiladas. Try the hot carrots! They’re his specialty!

Address: Strada Statale Pasubio, 9, 36030 Motta VI


  • Tuesday – Thursday 1800 – 2230
  • Friday & Saturday 1200 – 1400, 1800 – 2330
  • Sunday 1200 – 1400, 1800 – 2230



Hong Kong 2

You can’t miss the Hong Kong place. The building itself looks like something straight out of China. They have a coy pond out front and a bridge that you can walk over to enter the restaurant. We love getting takeout from here. You can call ahead and order, or order in person and sit and wait. I’ve found their menu available online and is usually accurate. Their vegetable fried rice and sweet and sour chicken is delicious. Eating in the restaurant is special too, as the dining area contains a large fish tank under the floor! Parking is free right next to the building. They open pretty early too and are open for lunch. It’s technically located in Vicenza, but within walking distance of Costabissara via the bike/walk path.

Address: Strada del Pasubio, 343, 36100 Vicenza VI

Hours: Monday – Sunday 1045 – 1500, 1730 – 2345



Restaurant Guide to Costabissara Vicenza, Asuka

Asuka has a special of all you can eat for 20€ and they have a rotating sushi bar. Ordering is easy – you write the number of the plates you want on a piece of paper and they take it back to the kitchen so there’s not too much lost in translation there. They bring the food out quickly and I’m always so happy with how much food we get for that amount of money. You can also order takeout (as shown in the photo).

Address: Via Antonio Meucci, 38, 36030 Motta, Costabissara VI

Hours: Monday – Sunday 1200 – 1430, 1900 – 2330

Desserts/Sweet Treats/Cafes

It wouldn’t be an Italian food guide without the best gelato and coffee shops in town. These are the two I frequently visit!

Bar Pasticceria Volpato

Restaurant Guide to Costabissara Vicenza, Volpato


The first time I stopped in here for a cappuccino, they had the place decked out for Valentines Day and it was lovely. They have delicious and very fresh gelato, sorbets, and many sweets, including gluten-free options.

Address: Via Venezia, 61, 36030 Costabissara VI


  • Monday 0700 – 1300
  • Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday 0700 – 1300, 1530 – 2000
  • Friday & Saturday 0700 – 1300, 1530 – 0000

Gelateria Sottosopra

This is my favorite gelato shop in Costabissara. It’s conveniently located right next to the Stella grocery store – perfect for a stop in after you’ve conquered another trip to the Italian grocery store without fail! They also have good cappuccinos and a large selection of GF treats on the counter at check out. Cash only!

Address: Via Bellini, 1, 36030 Costabissara VI


  • Monday – Saturday 0700 – 1230, 1500 – 2000
  • Sunday 0800 – 1300, 1515 – 2000

Have you tried any of the places above? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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