Bruxism: monitoring & treatment to avoid dental issues

Bruxism: monitoring & treatment to avoid dental issues

Do you know that bruxism is the main cause of muscle and joint pain, headache on reawakening, dental wearing and dental implants damage?

If you suffer from bruxism we have good news. Nowadays there’s an additional tool for the diagnosis of this disease during sleep. It’s a special portable Holter monitor that can record the activity of the masticatory muscles and of the heart, can help doctors to plan a more accurate treatment and to monitoring improvements over time.

Dentisti Vignato Dental Clinic in Vicenza is provided with this and it’s super easy to use! You’ll bring the device at home to wear it during the night by simply applying two electrodes on your face and one on the chest, to monitor heart activity. The day after you’ll bring the Holter back to the Vignato clinic and their  specialist – doctor Leonella Caliari, thanks to a dedicated software, will view and analyse the data to define the best treatment for you.

Read more about the Dentisti Vignato Dental Clinic in Vicenza here.


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