Pride Warriors – Photo Exhibition in downtown Vicenza

Pride Warriors – Photo Exhibition in downtown Vicenza

Vicenza Women of Color are at it again with another Photo Exhibition with the help of Caserma Pride. We are doing an exhibit of photography called “Pride Warrior” which will be on display at a local art gallery in downtown Vicenza.

This exhibition allows us to display the beauty and diversity of LGBTQ service members along with their friends and families who support them. Each of our photographers consider gender and sexual identity an important and personal subject, so this event will also be an opportunity to shed light on part of our community that is often marginalized and underrepresented by the media.

Organized by the Vicenza Women of Color and co-sponsored by Caserma Pride (local base pride chapter), the exhibit will showcase the photographers Maria di Bianca Cavins, Guiliana Gabriela Swenson, Darian Matthews, and Neika M. Smith – four American artists from the local Vicenza Military Community. Their work focuses on LGBTQ military (active and veterans), students, and local Vicenza Italian residents. This exhibit examines pride from a different perspective and commemorates LGBTQ history. It also provides a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of those who blazed the trail that made it possible to express sexual and gender identities openly and publicly. This is a journey worth sharing daily.

The event will take place on May 31 from 6:30pm to 9pm, and June 1-2 from 10am-12pm and 3pm-7pm at Cantiere Barche 14 in downtown Vicenza. It will also be free of cost and open to the entire community.


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