L’Ideale Parrucchiera and Estetica Crisalide: A Beauty, Wellness, & Salon Experience

L’Ideale Parrucchiera and Estetica Crisalide: A Beauty, Wellness, & Salon Experience

Classical music plays in the background. The aroma of essential oils and massage lotions fill the room. It may seem like the typical American massage, but in truth, it’s so very different. For me, it was the best massage I’ve ever experienced. But, let’s rewind to start from the beginning and you can decide for yourself!


Right across from Caserma Ederle’s Chapel Gate in Vicenza and located above the American Graffiti Diner, you will find Estetica Crisalide and L’Ideale Parrucchiera. Uniquely, these neighboring salons are owned by sisters. Simonetta runs the hair salon – L’Ideale Parrucchiera – and Manola provides beauty and wellness services – Estetica Crisalide. The location of this salon makes it convenient to park and walk there from Caserma Ederle. The entrance is in the hallway to the right side of the diner (tricky to find at first). Ring the buzzer for the salon you’re visiting that day and they will welcome you in!

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The staff

Estetica Crisalide (Bellezza e Benessere)

Estetica Crisalide (beauty and wellness) offers a range of services including: massages, manicures, pedicures, waxes, and more. I was able to experience the abhyanga massage, which is a form of massage that involves warm herb-infused oils. It is often combined with a swedana – bagno di vapore (a steam bath). The Abhyanga massage is designed to remove toxins from the skin, and to cleanse and moisturize it. It is also known to bring deep relaxation to the body and mind.

This type of massage may differ from what you’re accustomed to, in that the salon provides you with paper undergarments to wear (mostly because of the oils involved), and the massage begins in a standing position. The masseuse lightly rubs your entire body down with silk gloves before having you sit on the massage table and rubbing your scalp with oil. Lying on your back with the heated bed beneath you will probably relax you enough to become drowsy. (Although there was not a blanket covering my body, the masseuse was kind enough to offer a towel to drape over me when I got cold.) If you are shy or uncomfortable with having any part of your body massaged, don’t be discouraged from letting them know and they will be considerate of your wishes.

After the massage was finished, a tent-like setup was placed over my entire body – sans my head – and plugged up to a steam machine. I laid there for about 15 minutes. This swedana detoxes the body and will cause you to sweat profusely, but will ultimately feel so good to be rid of toxins. When the time was up, I refreshed in the shower (all in the same room), where soap, towels, and slippers were provided.

While the massage at Estetica Crisalide was a totally unique experience, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed, as did my muscles and soul. I will absolutely be returning for their other services and recommend everyone come and experience a massage for yourselves. They have many types of massage packages to choose from to fit your needs, so view the list below and then reach out to them to make your appointment!

Contact Manola, Elisa, and Gaia today to make an appointment!  You can call 0444 965657 or text via WhatsApp 348 6783555:
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They speak limited English but can make an appointment with you over the phone. For more information, visit this page here.

L’Ideale Parrucchiera

Connected to the beauty and wellness center is the salon that can provide all your hair treatments and coloring/style needs. I was truly blown away by the array of services provided in this beautiful salon. As opposed to Estetica Crisalide (which is quiet and calming), the hair salon is bright and airy with windows lining one wall to allow plenty of light to flow in. Everything from their furnishings and decor to their professional dress gives the impression this is an upscale salon and they intend to provide you with the best experience possible.

My visit involved a personalized hair treatment and style. First, they assessed the condition of my hair, and then decided on a treatment specifically designed to resolve any issues I had. To begin, my head and scalp were massaged with a blend of oils that was relaxing and soothing. Afterwards, a special camera was used to examine my scalp, looking at the hair follicles, and then finally my roots. It was fascinating!  To see what was being shown on the camera, they provided me with an iPad that showed the footage from the camera. My hairdresser for the day, Jessica, addressed the problems I was having – dry scalp and split ends. Other than those, she explained I had healthy and thick hair.

She explained the process that we would put my hair through, first for the dry scalp issue. A mask of sorts was applied all over my head. Then, massage butter and an oil mix were spread over my split ends. These two treatments sat for about 10-15 minutes, allowing them to soak in well. Then, Jessica did a thorough shampoo and conditioner before ending with an incredible blowout. Treatments like these can be done as often as once a week.

lideale hair salon, vicenza italy

L’Ideale Parrucchiera also provides services including color, cuts, hair extensions, make-up styling, and more – for both men and women!

I found the staff at both salons to be welcoming and friendly, and their services were of the highest quality.  And the best part was, the salons are in a convenient location – within walking distance of Chapel Gate!

I would highly recommend that you reach out to Simonetta, Elena, Jessica, Lora, and Silvia today! You can make an appointment with L’Ideale Parrucchiera by calling 0444 500231 or texting them via WhatsApp at 375 5474464:

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For more information, visit this page here.



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