Finding the right dentist in another country is not easy. The cultural conditions are different, and choosing the right professional might be tough. There are a lot of experts, and an objective choice is hard. You might fall into advertising traps whose only aim is to sell the service rather than solving your problem.

But the urgency to care for your teeth does not wait for the thoughtful choice. When you have to care for your teeth you must do it quickly, to prevent problems from enlarging and to solve them immediately, relying on the first shot.
Then it might happen that you regret the choice, because the problems continue, and you’ve lost your time and your money.

What you should do, then, is to rely on proven dentists who can guarantee the quality of their service, by demonstrating their experience and CVs, and their support after surgery.

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Max Medical is the perfect solution to rely on for your dental surgery, because it responds to the 5 signals that show whether a dentist is a real professional or not:

  1. Services: we offer a complete dental service: from providing documents, to monitoring you after surgery
  2. History: we have more than 30 years of experience: although the clinic was founded in 2002, our doctors have been working for 30 years in implantology, odontology, children’s dentistry and dental hygiene.
  3. Anamnesis: precise anamnesis and personal case history of every patient
  4. Definite payment quote, which remains firm through completion of the treatment
  5. Certified Professionals: we don’t allow collaborators who are not qualified to practice to touch your mouth and teeth. All of our specialists have their individual personal degrees, which are at your disposal.

Moreover, we support you with all the documents you need to communicate with your local camp and with your country.

What we are specialized on:

  • Dental implants
  • Child and adult dentistry
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Oral surgery

Why is it so important to have your teeth fixed?

Having beautiful and healthy teeth has no price: you will smile at life without shame, you will eat great Italian food and drink delicious wines without worry.
Quality intervention by Max Medical brings a quality life.

But be careful: quality doesn’t get on well with “sales”. If you are looking for a fast operation, if you are looking for a clinic that works at a low price, don’t call us.
Don’t even call us if you are satisfied with untrained dentists, who do not regularly attend training courses.
The quality of a dental operation has a high value, because it cancels all risks and problems.

What you will lose not choosing a good expert?

Relying on unprofessional dentists will allow you to spend less money and save time … but is it worth taking the risk of ruining your teeth, not being able to open your mouth, having difficulty eating and smiling? Or worse, having to undergo the same intervention shortly afterwards?
We do not think so; in our clinic, you can have a free consultation and an anamnesis to identify the perfect procedure to solve your dental problem, worry-free!

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9AM-12:30PM / 3PM-8PM






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Emergency only*

*When closed and in the event of emergency, please call us at 044.450.5093 then dial #1.

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