Hotel Viest: 4 Star Hotel with Spa & Wellness Center in Vicenza

Hotel Viest: 4 Star Hotel with Spa & Wellness Center in Vicenza

Are you looking for a place to stay once you PCS to Italy as a military family? Do you have friends and family in town and need to find a hotel for them? Or, maybe you want to get away from the kids for the night and spend a romantic evening with your spouse? In any case, Hotel Viest in Vicenza, Italy is an excellent choice for your next accommodation. They are located conveniently just off the A4 Autostrada and within walking distance of Caserma Ederle. Hotel Viest is the perfect place to accommodate a range of guests needs. Everything from their spacious rooms and on-site restaurant, to spa and wellness center, makes you feel welcome and right at home for your long or short stay.

After checking in with the front desk, you can pull your car around underneath the covered, reserved parking spots and practically pull up right in front of your room. This is especially convenient if you have a lot of luggage or in case you forget something in the car!

Spacious and Well-Lit Rooms

The rooms are well-lit thanks to the huge glass windows and doors, then at night, just pull the curtains to enjoy a sound sleep in the pitch dark room. We stayed in a deluxe renovated room, complete with parquet floors and a large white desk with chairs. Our room had a door that opened up to the courtyard and to let the breeze and light trickle in. Unlike many other hotels in Italy (and especially Vicenza), they have AC, which comes in handy during those hot summer days. The rooms are incredibly spacious, allow for plenty of room to store your luggage, and are perfect for longer stays.

We were welcomed with a bottle of Prosecco, wine glasses, and a plate of delicious fresh fruit, which can all be made available by request beforehand.Hotel Viest Vicenza Spa Wellness

Hotel Viest Vicenza Spa Wellness


Spa & Wellness Center

The Wellness Center was one of the highlights of our stay and one of the nicest that I’ve been to. It was uniquely decorated with a perfect ambiance of lighting and within a small warm space. Any guest can use the wellness center, but to use the spa, you must book appointments and reservations in advance. Your hotel key card gains you access into the spa, wellness center, gym, and outdoor pool.

When visiting the Wellness Center, they will provide you with towels, but make sure to bring appropriate footwear. Wearing a bathing suit is required, which is surprisingly not the case in some spas throughout Europe. Here all the Center regulations. If you’re interested in utilizing the spa during your stay, they have a long list of massages, facial treatments, and beauty days that can be booked. You can find all of this information on their website or there will be plenty of information when you arrive in your room. I would highly recommend you book yourself an appointment at the Spa.

Inside of the Spa & Wellness Center, you will find men’s and women’s dressing rooms, both equipped with lockers you can use if necessary. When you walk into the Wellness Center, a sense of tranquility washes over you. The lights are dimmed, soft music is playing, and it’s a very intimate setting. Hang your robe and towels up then wash your feet off in the foot basin as you walk in. I suggest trying the Jacuzzi after you’ve showered using one of the many showers just down the hall. The Jacuzzi (hot tub) was one of my favorite parts of the Wellness Center. I spent the most time in here when visiting. The water isn’t scalding hot and the jets feel wonderful on your muscles. We learned from another visitor of the spa that you should rotate around the seats in the Jacuzzi each time after the jets stop because each spot in the tub works on different parts of your back muscles.

Hotel Viest Vicenza Spa Wellness

Jacuzzi at the wellness center

After spending time relaxing in the Jacuzzi tub, I suggest trying the Cabina Onsen, which translates to Tepidarium Cabin. I had never heard of this before so here’s basically what it consists of: it’s a relaxing room where the temperature and the humidity are not very high. The walls and benches are heated, which is why a towel is required to sit on, and every now and then a scented steam cloud and red lighting appear to create a special atmosphere. Inside, you’ll also hear soft music playing. The tepidarium cabin is a great place to start, as it helps prepare your body before stepping into the sauna or steam room.

You’ll find the sauna in the wellness center as well. The temperature inside is extremely hot, but the star-like lighting on the ceiling help with the relaxation process. The Bagno Turco (Turkish bath) is similar to a steam room and great for clearing up any sinuses or breathing problems. You’ll come out of the Turkish Bath feeling incredibly refreshed, and then like you need to rinse off in the shower.

One other thing I had not experienced before was the Kneipp Percorso (Kneipp walking). It’s a treatment based on hydrotherapy, in which you walk on stones alternating between your feet being rinsed in hot and cold water. Alternating temperature and different pressures are said to have great therapeutic effects.

Dinner at Mezzaluna Ristorante Pizzeria Wine Bar

The onsite restaurant is super convenient because you don’t even have to leave the hotel building to enjoy delicious eats. This place is well-known for its maxi pizzas, which are reasonably priced, can be taken away, and will feed many people. We chose to eat in the restaurant though and had wonderful service. Between the gourmet pizzas, the antique grain dough pizzas, and the maxi pizza, you can’t go wrong. Along with their delicious pizzas, you’ll also find a range of other items on the menu to enjoy, including the choice of excellent first courses, meat and fish dishes. You will find vegan options and gluten-free options as well (must call in advance for GF though).  

Their drink menu is extensive with the usual beers, crisp wine, and even some specialty craft beers! We enjoyed trying the craft beers (something you won’t find out in Italian Restaurants very often). Any leftovers can be boxed up and taken back to your room for a delicious midnight snack, or if you prefer you can always order room service!

Hotel Viest Vicenza Spa Wellness

Their famous maxi pizzas!

Hotel Viest Vicenza Spa Wellness

Gourmet pizza

American Style Breakfast

I was pleasantly surprised at the range of goodies on the breakfast bar the next morning. Inside of the Mezzaluna restaurant is where you’ll find the breakfast items for hotel guests. It’s a complete spread with brioches, sweet treats, waffles, American style eggs and bacon, and a frozen yogurt machine – my favorite part! For the healthier options, you can also find fresh fruit and yogurt with an array of toppings available. There is plenty on the breakfast buffet to meet your desires!

Hotel Viest Vicenza Spa Wellness

As you can see, I highly recommend a stay at Viest Hotel and Spa for many reasons. Between the spa and wellness center, the delicious pizzeria on site, and the incredible breakfast buffet, you’ll find many excuses to want to come back and stay here time and time again when visiting Vicenza, Italy.

For more information and booking, visit here:

For more information on the Viest Hotel visit here, for more info on the Mezzaluna Restaurant visit here, and for the Wellness Center and Spa visit here!


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