The “fiolaro” broccoli of Creazzo – Vicenza

The “fiolaro” broccoli of Creazzo – Vicenza

The “broccolo fiolaro” is a typical crop of the Creazzo hills – Vicenza area, its name derived from the several sprouts along the stalk of the plant, which in Venetian dialect are called “fioi”, or offspring.

It is a product that is particular in that it does not have the typical taste or shape of other varieties of broccoli and is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and calcium. The cultivation of this Fiolaro broccoli dates back to ancient Roman times.

Every beginning of the year the town of Creazzo run a winter local Festival or sagra celebrating and promoting the broccolo fiolaro broccoli and its culinary delights. They set up a big booth where the food makes focus on the delicious local broccoli. Find out more details about the 2019 ed. of this Festival here.


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