3D Mammogram Exam at San Gaetano Clinic – Thiene, Vicenza

3D Mammogram Exam at San Gaetano Clinic – Thiene, Vicenza

Poliambulatori San Gaetano in Thiene, Italy recently added a new 3D Hologic Selenia Mammogram System which enables them to study the breast more in-depth with the capability of detecting + 41% of lesions in the tissue compared to traditional 2D mammography. There are many perks to this machine as well as having a mammogram performed at private medical center versus a public one.

Most doctors recommend women begin getting mammograms after they reach the age of 40. At Poliambulatori San Gaetano, all the doctors who perform mammogram exams are female, and patient rooms are nicely appointed with a lovely light shade of pink which offers a much warmer atmosphere than a typical public hospital. A complete visit to Poliambulatori San Gaetano includes a private meeting with your female doctor, an echography, and a mammography. In the same visit, the doctor will immediately review your test results and recommend next steps. The doctor will outline a personalized plan of care that includes a return visit in 6 months to a 1 year, based on each patient’s individual needs.

The 3D mammogram system is a wonderful new piece of technology, not only for the doctor, but also for the patient. The Hologic Selenia is state-of-the-art and takes an image of the entire volume of the breast. For such a high level of technology, it surprisingly provides more comfort for the patient thanks to minimal compression as compared to previous machines. In addition, exam times are shorter, and the results are more accurate.

For Italians, a mammogram screening at the hospital is free, but considering that Poliambulatori San Gaetano is a private medical center, you’ll need to check with your insurance company (Italian or American) to see if this service is covered. Although it may not be a free service, there are many benefits to choosing their private medical center over a public hospital. An added perk for American customers is that the medical center will provide an interpreter on spot for any appointments. Their patients choose Poliambulatori San Gaetano because of the quality of exams they receive, the short turn-around time for results, the level of comfort in the surroundings, and the trust and confidence they feel by being able to see the same doctor each time they visit.

Mammograms are performed each and every week by the following specialists at San Gaetano:  Dr. De Mari Giuliana, Dr. Coccia Stefania, Dr. Zerbo Fabio, and Dr. Pasini Claudio. You can find more information about the 3D mammogram system on their official page here (text in Italian).

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